There's a mole

This event will be on Saturday 10th April 2021 at 1pm PST / 4PM EST / 9pm BRITISH see this link for your time zone.

The main two concepts for this event are that it will use Mumble proximity chat.
This means you'll hear players talking as they get near to you and this includes you talking to your team mates. This could also bring in extra gameplay elements where you leave blocks around in particular ways or signal to one another when there's someone around.

Secondly the main scenario is the mole, so there is a player on your team who's goal along with other moles is to sabotage the players.
You as the non-moles have to figure out who these moles are and take them out... but be careful that could be what the mole wants you to do!

Full information and details below!

What is UHC?

It’s a Minecraft game mode where everyone starts off scattered randomly in the world with nothing. They have to gear up, battle monsters, and fight players to be the last man/team standing. The catch is: you cannot regenerate health naturally. You must use a golden apple or a healing potion. More information can be found here.

This event is in: Chosen teams of two and you are RANDOMLY paired with another team of two for a team of four .
Discord and a working microphone are REQUIRED. UHC is a fast-paced gamemode, so typing to communicate just doesn’t work.

Border Settings

  • Map size is 2000x2000
  • Shrinks to 100x100
  • Starts at PvP time until meetup time

Game Times

  • PvP/iPvP at 20 minutes in with a heal and saturation
  • Meetup 80 minutes in
  • The game ends when one team remains.

Damage Settings

  • Golden heads are on but only heal 4 hearts
  • Notch Apples are off
  • Absorption is on
  • Ender Pearl Damage is on

More Settings

  • Apple drop rate: 4%. All leaves. Shears drop apples.
  • Flint drop rate: 20%.
  • Nether is on. No Quartz xp nerf.
  • Portal camping is NOT ALLOWED. Portal trapping is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Potions are on, Tier Two potions are OFF. Ghasts only drop Gold ingots. Gilstening Melon recipe is vanilla.

Scenario Information

Proximity Chat

The closer you are to players the better you hear them! See the guide to installing Mumble sent with this post To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash


One person on each team is chosen to be the Mole. The Moles are one team and can communicate with each other, trying to take out the other players. The normal players try to find out who the mole is on their team and kill them.

Fast Smelting

Furnaces smelt really quickly.

Hastey Boys

All tools are enchanted with efficiency 5 unbreaking 3

What are the rules?

  1. Toxicity is NOT ALLOWED. We understand that you may get heated and it’s fine to have a little banter however toxicity which gets out of hand will not be aloud and we’ll ensure you know when it is.
  2. Only vanilla/unmodded, Badlion and performance mods (such as optifine) ARE ALLOWED at this event. You are also not allowed to use toggle sneak within Badlion as this allows you to sneak whilst in your inventory.
  3. Xray or cave finders are NOT ALLOWED at this event. This should go without saying but do not install X-ray and expect us not to find out and remove you. Use of X-ray could lead to you being banned from the respective server you are apart of.
The rules of BOTH SERVERS apply in joint events and being found in violation of these rules may lead you to become banned from your respective servers or the joint events.

Server general rules (including but not limited to):
  • The Respect rule from dominion and the "Don't be a prick" rule from Nebula applies here.
  • No spamming or advertising without explicit permission
  • No slurs or offensive statements that attack someone's religion, gender, or other beliefs. This includes building hateful monuments as well.
  • Admins have full discretion in judging whether you broke any rules.

How to Join

Joining the event

  1. Ensure you have a Minecraft 1.8 install
  2. Join the Joint discord if you haven't already
  3. React to the event post in the channel #main-events
  4. You will get a notification within 24 hours before, within 6 hours and within 1 hours before the event
  5. 15 minutes before the event join the server posted in the channel and the Lobby voice chat.